Katy Flynn

One of the best things about being a photographer, as it turns out, is meeting and getting to know so many terrific people. As I think about it, that may actually be THE best thing.

Being a photographer enables me to cross paths with people I would have never otherwise met. Fashion designers, clients, models, hair and makeup artists, videographers, photographers….

This is the second in an ongoing series of posts about some of those people.

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Katy Flynn

I first met Katy at New York Fashion Academy here in Seattle. I was photographing their annual fashion show, a terrific runway event, and Katy was one of the designers presenting her designs. I saw her again at the fashion show a year later, and we discussed doing a shoot of her newest looks.

Katy is a blast to collaborate with mainly because she is just a blast to be around no matter what is going on! She is effervescent and enthusiastic, with a contagious energy that cannot be denied.

We met for appetizers at Saffron Grill one afternoon to review concepts, lighting approaches, number of garments and looks: a very pleasant way to arrange a shoot.  We confirmed a date, and I brought lots of gear (so as to always have back-up plans) on-location to NYFA (with gratitude to Robert Whaley & Terry Horlamus for graciously letting us use the facility). Katy had arranged hairstyling by Rebecca Lynn and makeup by Andrea Rioja. Katy herself modeled, along with Monear Fatemi and Sarah Beth Poole. Afterwards, some of us went to a nearby pizza place, where Katy treated us all, and we had a chef’s surprise that included fresh peach slices (crazy good!).

It was non-stop, pure pleasure to photograph Katy’s designs, to collaborate with her and the entire team.

I am fortunate to work regularly with NYFA designers and staff, and have just begun shooting some behind the scenes images leading up to the forthcoming 9th Annual Fashion Show this month. More about that in a future post…

Here is Katy modeling her own design.


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image © Bret Doss All Rights Reserved

 Katy Flynn: KFLY

Hair Stylist: Rebecca Lynn    MUA: Andrea Rioja

New York Fashion Academy     9th Annual Fashion Show

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