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image © Bret Doss, All Rights Reserved

As promised in the Calla Lily #1 post, here is the next a series of calla lily images. For this, I had a concept in mind beyond a ‘straightforward’ image of a lily.  I was surprised to find black calla lilies — I didn’t know they even…

Calla Lily #2: The Black Calla

May Calla Number 1  © Bret Doss 2016 04

Spring arrived right on time in Seattle, as our seasons usually do.  While I don’t have a favorite season (I love them all here), I do have favorite things about each season. One of my spring favorites is the arrival of calla lilies in the nurseries. I’ve…

Calla Lily #1

image © Bret Doss, All Rights Reserved

Perfume bottles are often the branding signature of a product line. Branded scents and cosmetics may be the most accessible products to a larger target customer base. One quick pass thru any cosmetic aisle in any retailer, and you will see how critical photography is…

Perfume & Cosmetics

image © Bret Doss, All Rights Reserved

The constraint was at once simple and complex: anything I wanted to do, as long as it contained a single red balloon.  Freedom to be creative, with a single requirement.  Sometimes that much leeway can make things more difficult, as narrowing down to something specific means…

One Red Balloon

image © Bret Doss, All Rights Reserved

Making espresso at home is a methodical ritual that I look forward to each morning.  I’ve often noticed the lines and shine of the portafilter and planned these images in my mind.  When I purchased a new portafilter, I kept it boxed in new condition…


image © Bret Doss, All Rights Reserved

Since I was a kid (more years ago than I prefer to say out loud), I’ve been a fan of pocket knives. My first was given to me by my father, and I still have it to this day. They are incredibly useful things, of course, but…


image © Bret Doss, All Rights Reserved

When planning concepts for the Soft project, I considered marshmallows.  I made some test images and, while I found they were not as well suited to the concept as were the cotton balls, marshmallows are fun to shoot.  I chose a high-key, white-on-white theme for the…


image © Bret Doss, All Rights Reserved

The assignment here was a concept image: portray ‘soft’ in a square format image layout with text overlay, for a point-of-sale display for a new cosmetic product with softness as a key feature. Sounds simple. In actual fact: Not. So. Much. Shooting to layout here…


Shoes tip © Bret Doss 2016 01

This exercise was to shoot shoes, careful to show shape, texture, height of heel, and color.  I had three very different pairs to select from, and I chose these very glossy shoes for the extra challenge that the shiny surfaces present. I used thick, shiny,…

Shoe Shine

pour blog cover shot crop

The ‘pour shot’ is practically a rite of passage for every commercial photographer.  I decided it was time.  There are any number of ways to approach a pour shot, and most often they involve a colorful liquid.  I wanted to test lighting and composition as…



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