Hair Toss

I enjoy a good hair toss/spin/flip image. It’s not because I am as bald as an envious egg– probably. It’s not because at one time in the distant past I coulda done some of this my own self — probably. It’s not because, even if I still had any hair to flip/spin/toss, I’d pay with days of neck pain afterwards — okay, that days of pain thing is a factor in a lot of choices nowadays….

Whatever the reasons, I love collaborating on images like these. Towards the end of a shoot, confident we have nailed the mandatory images, it’s fun to stop fussing with stray hairs and embrace them, instead.

Strayness Maximus!

Mickella Portrait Shoot June 19 © Bret Doss 2015 004

Taffy for 8K week 1 © Bret Doss 2015 3

Taffy for 8K week 1 © Bret Doss 2015 1

Michelle Spin for Blog © Bret Doss 2015 001

all images/content © Bret Doss, all rights reserved

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