Gergana, Jordanah, & Jaleh

Another #teamVIVA shoot, another wonderful time spent with terrific people.  I met up with teammate Gergana Ivanova to do an on-location walkabout shoot, featuring Jaleh designs.  Gergana had selected two of her favorite Jaleh designs, and showed up ready to shoot in the first look.  Jordanah arrived with the second look, and we got started.  Jordanah asked if she could stay, and we said “of course!” as we are always happy to have the designer on hand for any of our shoots.  As it happened, there were additional, unexpected benefits this time…

We were shooting at the Arboretum in the early evening.  Summertime sunset is in the late evening here, so we had plenty of light, even in and amongst the trees, with beautiful open sky to softly light the shaded areas.  Another “feature” of this particular evening was mosquitos.  Ordinarily this would be an issue for me, as  mosquitos seem to pick me out of any crowd and pester me endlessly.  Gergana was quite pleased to inform us that mosquitos always ignored her completely, and the evidence proved this claim.  An unexpected fringe benefit of Jordanah staying on to observe and support us turned out to be that she was a mosquito magnet!  She was much more patient about it than I could have managed, and laughed it off.  The mosquitos hardly came near me.

We moved about, finding good spots to shoot. Gergana is especially good at this, by the way, though I pretended to take credit (“I’m so glad I noticed this spot..”) for each of her superb choices — I had to pretend, because she and Jordanah wouldn’t let me get away with it….  Jordanah, I learned as the evening went on, had the uncanny ability, while endeavoring to stay well out of the way,  to end up standing in the ideal camera position spot!  By the end of the evening, I was just starting out each image by going to wherever she was waiting.  Much more efficient :~)

The feature is presented in color, but the light, Gergana, the garments, and setting had me pre-visualizing in black & white, as well.  I’m sharing some of those here, and you can see color images and reead more about the shoot from Gergana’s perspective at her blog.


BW VIVA Jaleh Gergana for Blogs 900W wBDP WM © Bret Doss 2014 12

BW VIVA Jaleh Gergana for Blogs 900W wBDP WM © Bret Doss 2014 11

BW VIVA Jaleh Gergana for Blogs 900W wBDP WM © Bret Doss 2014 13



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