Gulls, Clouds, & Turbulence: Summer’s End in Seattle

I’m strange. I know this. I like cloudy days, dramatic skies, and rain. Yes, I said I like rain. Actually, I love rain. I lived in the Arizona desert for twenty-five years and, even after ten years here in Seattle, I still find myself excited by and thirsty for rain.

Like most of the country, we have had an unusual weather pattern this year. For us this has meant a lot of sunny days through the winter months, breaking records for most days without rain, number of days above ninety degrees, and so on.

This particular summer has been a bumpy ride on several fronts, with more turbulence in the forecast.  So, as the holiday weekend arrived, I was fortunate to be able to take a bit of time to go out with with my camera and shoot solely for myself.  I headed to the shore, to be near the sound.  Storm clouds were rolling in, and the gulls were riding the winds.

It was a contemplative, quiet photo walk, and I was reminded that changing patterns, storms on the horizon, and turbulence each offer opportunities to witness & experience their own particular forms of beauty.

The gulls already knew.

Clouds & Gulls © Bret Doss 2015 002

Clouds & Gulls © Bret Doss 2015 004

Clouds & Gulls © Bret Doss 2015 005

Clouds & Gulls © Bret Doss 2015 007

Clouds & Gulls © Bret Doss 2015 006

Clouds & Gulls © Bret Doss 2015 001

all images/content © Bret Doss, all rights reserved

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